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Article 2013


Experience pure pleasure and unfaltering hospitality at Sobti Continental Bareilly
Welcome to Sobti continental Bareilly- an all time favorite destination of those who are addicted to premium comfort and personalized services. This premium luxury hotel of Bareilly combines all the comfort and luxury that indulges the new age traveler without any of the characteristic frills. Just staying for a day will make you understand that it makes perfect business sense to stay at hotel Sobti Continental Bareilly.
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Enjoy varying levels of premium comfort at Sobti Continental Bareilly
Hotel Sobti Continental Bareilly gives you the best ambience to explore the city of Bareilly. The hotel offers you a wide choice of aesthetically-designed luxurious rooms across categories offering varying levels of premium comfort, all tastefully furnished in contemporary style. The sense of hospitality and the offering of personalized services are bound to warm every visitor's heart where he or she enjoys the various cuisines in the restaurant area.
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