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Article 2013


Experience luxury and economy coupled like never before at Sobti Continental Bareilly

Sobti Continental Bareilly has become a preferred destination for those who want to experience luxury and comfort beyond compare at competitive price. Needless to say that luxury comes at a price but at Sobti Continental, it is coupled with economy. It's a majestic set up where opulence flows in the air, a grand awe-inspiring structure complemented by the most luxurious environment and a team of courteous hosts at your service unfailingly round the clock.

This is why, most of the visitors tour Bareilly with a sole destination in mind - Sobti Continental. The Hotel's style is absolutely unpretentious yet filled with classic and contemporary beauty. The entire atmosphere feels cozy with great hospitality services. Each and every visitor can enjoy its prompt and friendly services, aesthetically-designed luxurious rooms and a fantastic location that gives you a unique advantage of quick and easy connectivity to any place in and around Bareilly.

The hotel's beautiful surroundings are inarguably breathtaking, and visitors have a lot of things to explore here. Whether you seek food, music, scenery or history, the hotel is brimming in the middle of a great site that carries rich traditional and cultural values. All these never-before seen and experienced amenities simply prove Sobti Continental the best luxury hotel in Bareilly.

While you step into the incredible world of Sobti Continental Bareilly, a sense of privilege and pride descends on you. The grandness of the lounge area, the elegance of the choicest decor, the comfort and class of the tastefully appointed accommodation, leisure and recreation facilities, all embrace you for a grand and kingly welcome. With its ultra luxurious amenities, Sobti Continental has redefined the meaning of hospitality in Bareilly.

Words simply fail visitors to narrate the experience they have during their stay. Each and everything is simply capable of leaving them virtually spellbound. In a very short span of time, the hotel has earned a formidable reputation as the most economical hotel in and around Bareilly. It's an ideal place for visitors who come here from India and abroad in search of newness of life. No hotel in Bareilly even comes closer to Sobti Continental in terms of dedicated service and exemplary hospitality. You can notice the transition in the demography of people in the city with the changing lifestyle and the influence of modern ideas in the lives of Bareilly residents.