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Article 2013


'Athiti Devo Bhava' is the spirit behind unrivalled hospitality at Sobti Continental Bareilly

The city of Bareilly is one of biggest and prominent cities of the state of Uttar Pradesh and occupies a historical importance. It is one of the main cities in the state and is a commercial city as well. The city is known for its many temples and there are many religious sites which are located all around the city. Some other religious sites are the Darga Hazrat, the Church of North India, the Christ Methodist Church, Bibi Ji ki Masjid and Sri Sai Mandir.

Visitors from across India come to the city and make their stay in the best hotels in Bareilly. The city offers so many choices of hotels but no hotel in Bareilly even comes closer to Sobti Continental in terms of dedicated service and exemplary hospitality. You can notice the transition in the demography of people in the city with the changing lifestyle and the influence of modern ideas in the lives of Bareilly residents.

As one of the best luxury hotels in Bareilly, Sobti Continental is well-equipped with the best-in-class banquet facilities and sprawling lush green lawns that can efficiently host events like marriage parties, get-togethers, corporate conferences and seminars with impeccable service. The hotel has earned a reputation for redefining the paradigm of luxury and excellence in hospitality by combining state-of-the-art facilities with reliable service.

Bareilly is simply the shoppers' paradise for the exclusivities it offers. The city is world-wide known for its bamboo furniture work and Zari Zarkari crafts. The bazaars of Bareilly are full of these items of bamboo and are virtually visible wherever you see. Bareilly is also famous for its camphor industry. It is the largest producer and exporter of camphor in India. Surma is another product for which Bareilly is known in India and abroad.

The jhumka and surma of Bareilly are the products on which dozens of super hit bollywood songs are based and they have got immense popularity. Most of the visitors who arrive in Bareilly for the first time, make their trip successful and memorable by making purchases from the Bareilly bazaars. The shoppers from all parts of India visit the city for different needs and search the best hotel in Bareilly for their stay and Bareilly's most luxurious hotel receive them with open arms.